Pleasant Grove Library has free magazines you can download to your computer or device.

  • No waiting or checkout periods
  • Multiple viewing platforms (computer, smart phone, tablet, etc.)
  • Intuitive searching and navigating within each magazine
  • Premier cover-to-cover digital editions of your favorite magazines
  • Create a user account by clicking here to go to Zinio. Once you're there,  click "Create New Account" in the upper right hand corner. Enter your library card number, then enter your name and email, and create a password.

    Once you've created a new account, you can search through the magazines and check them out. After checking out magazines, you can download and read them on your device through the free Zinio app. Search for the Zinio app in your device's store.

    (NOTE: Apps are READERS ONLY - Return to the Library Collection via Zinio's website to browse and checkout additional magazines.)