Step Into Your Greatness - Thursdays, May 31 through June 21, 12:00-1:00 p.m.      Register Here

Week 1 - Visualizing Your Dreams. Is your life everything your hoped it would be? Are you living the passionate life you envision? Are you accomplishing what you dream about? Come see what you can do to stop what is not working for you, and create the life your desire. With some simple, yet powerful techniques to activate your whole brain, you can begin to achieve the life you want.

Week 2 - The Power of Word. Do you ever think that you could accomplish something great, but then talk yourself out of it? Do you start things and not finish? Your mindset is an essential part of unlocking your potential and taking the steering wheel of your life. Yes, you are in the driver’s seat. In this class you will learn what you can do to take control of your thoughts and clear the “stinkin' thinkin'” that is keeping you from your next level of greatness.

Week 3 - Removing Your Road Blocks. Are you working way to hard and not getting the results you planned? Have you ever felt like your goal is in sight but you're moving at a snail's pace? In this class you will learn what to pay attention to, and the actions you can take to remove the road blocks that are keeping you from achievement. With the goal in sight, self-sabotage will try to sneak in and stop you. Know what to do to remove the block and reach the finish line.

Week 4 - Feel Great and Step Into Your Greatness. Have you ever felt stuck, anxious, or just plain frustrated? Have negative feelings ever creeped their way into your plans and weighed you down? Learn how to get in control of your emotions and they will no longer control you. Your thoughts and emotions fuel your actions and results. Come learn some great techniques that will be sure to empower you, and set you on an ever flowing motion into the life you choose.