General Information

  • A current library card is necessary to check out items or use the Internet.
  • A drive up book drop is located on the south side of the building. There is also a book drop on the west side of the building that can be used to return materials after hours. Items too large to fit in the bookdrop must be returned inside the library.
  • Please bring damaged items to the attention of a librarian so they can be repaired. The charge for an irreparable or lost item is the price of the item plus a $5 processing fee.
  • The fee to replace a library card is $2.00


Item Type Checkout Period Limit Overdue Fees
DVD 1 Week 10 per card          $1.00/day
Book 3 Weeks see note below $.10 day
Audiobook 3 Weeks see note below $.10/day
Playaway (Audiobook) 3 Weeks see note below $.10/day
Playaway  View  (Video) 1 Week see note below $1.00/day

Note: There is a limit of 50 items on a card at a time.

Putting Items on Hold

Items may be placed on hold over the phone, in person, or online. When the item becomes available, patrons will be notified by their choice of email, text or phone call. The item will be held for seven days.


Items may be renewed three times in person, over the phone or online. Online renewals cannot take place after the item's due date. Renewals are not allowed if someone else has placed a request and is waiting for that item.

Use Your Library Card at Lehi, American Fork, Highland or Eagle Mountain

The cities of Pleasant Grove, Lehi, American Fork, Highland and Eagle Mountain have agreed to participate in a reciprocal borrowing agreement that allows you to use your card at other libraries. Please see this page for more information.

Inter-Library Loan

If an item you want is not available at the library, you may request an Inter-Library Loam. Please see this page for information on how to get it shipped to PGCL (shipping costs are the borrower's responsibility).


Six computer stations are available for Internet, Word processing, and other uses upstairs and 2 computers are available downstairs.. Printouts cost $.10 per page for black and white copies.

Internet use policies are located here.

Copy Machine

The cost is $.10 per page for black and white copies and $.50 per page for color copies.

Pleasant Grove Library Collection Development Policy located here.

Statement of Concern form located here.