Pleasant Grove City Library
Guidelines for Computer Use and Internet Access Policy


The Library reserves the right to limit, refuse, and/or ban any user from the library equipment and computers. Use may be limited to patrons in good standing, i.e. all fines over ten dollars have been paid, all overdue materials have been returned, any lost materials have been paid for. Patrons must have a current local library card or equivalent computer use card.

Anyone under the age of eight requires direct adult supervision for the use of computers that can access the Internet. Infants must be restrained in car seat carriers or other similar devices.


The Pleasant Grove City Library provides public access to computer software, information databases and the Internet.  These services are offered in order to make available a vast array of information resources and to allow members of the public to have access to state-of-the-art information technology.
Users are responsible for the Internet sites they access and for determining the accuracy, completeness, or currency of information they find on the Internet. The Library may terminate an Internet session at any time.  The Library takes the following measures to ensure the proper use of Library computer resources:

Computer use will be monitored by library staff using visual supervision, regular review of the history of sites accessed as well as internet filtering software

  • Users must agree with the Online Access Agreement
  • Internet computers may be used for sixty minutes. If no other patrons are waiting to use a computer at the end of the initial sixty minutes, usage may be extended at the discretion of library staff
  • The Library encourages use of library-approved Web resources, especially those accessible through Pioneer, Utah’s Online Library
  • Only two people, both of whom have valid library cards, may use a computer
  • Printing is $.10 per page

The library wishes to make the Internet and all computer resources available to anyone who respects the rights and property of others and who abides by these policies.  Patrons must be mindful and respectful of the rights of other patrons, particularly children, that they not be inadvertently exposed to material and images that are not constitutionally protected or those they or their parents may find personally unsuitable.  The library policy prohibits access by all patrons to internet or online sites that contain child pornography, anything that is harmful to minors and obscene material.  Library workstations include the operation of a technology protection measure, or “filtering software” that excludes the user from the ability to view, transmit or print these items.  Filtering software will provide internet safety for all library computers connected to the internet.  However, library staff may disable the filtering software at the request of an adult patron to enable access for research or other lawful purpose, according to the library staff’s discretion. This policy follows the restrictions to materials considered to be obscene under the criteria established by 20 U.S.C. Sec. 9101, Utah Code Sec. 76-5a-2, and Utah Code Sec. 76-10-1201 and was adopted in an open meeting by the Pleasant Grove Library Board on September 2, 2004 and shall be reviewed by the board at least every three years.  

Violators of this computer-use policy will be asked to leave the library, and such actions will result in the revocation of their internet privileges.  The library reserves the right to involve law enforcement officials as necessary to enforce this policy.  Unacceptable uses include, but are not limited to:

  • harassment of other users and/or library staff, including libeling or slandering other users
  • destruction of, or damage to, equipment, software, or data belonging to the library or others
  • gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to any computing information or communications devices or resources
  • disruption or unauthorized monitoring of electronic communications
  • violation of another person’s or party’s privacy
  • violation of computer system security, software license agreements, or network usage policies and regulations
  • unauthorized use of computer accounts or access codes, or network identification numbers assigned to others
  • saving files or downloading programs to the computer’s hard drive
  • adding, deleting or modifying the installed hardware, software, or settings
  • unauthorized copying of copyright-protected material

Users understand that accessing the internet through Pleasant Grove City Library computers is a privilege and agree to:

  • not access sites containing sexually explicit material (images or text) that appeals to the prurient interest, is obscene, contains child pornography, or is harmful to minors consistent with state and local law
  • not access sites containing any other material that is not constitutionally protected
  • not conduct any illegal activity
  • not participate in gambling
  • not violate the rights or privacy of others
  • not perform unauthorized copying of copyright-protected materials

Users will not:

  • add, delete, or modify the installed hardware, software, or settings of the computer
  • save or download programs or files to the computer’s hard drive.

Unauthorized or illegal uses of the Library’s internet access computers may result in loss of library internet computer privileges, loss of library privileges, or law enforcement action

If a user observes another user viewing child pornography, anything that is harmful to minors, obscene material or in any way not following the guidelines as explained above, he or she should immediately report it to the desk clerk.  The desk clerk will then report to the Library Director or Manager on site who will address the issue with the offending user.  Once the user has been informed of his or her offense if he or she chooses not to comply with the Internet Policy he or she will be asked to leave the library and such actions will result in the revocation of his or her internet privileges.  The library reserves the right to involve law enforcement officials as necessary to enforce this policy.

If the user does not agree with the decision of the library staff and has issues with the computer use/internet access policy he/she may submit an objection in writing on the approved form.  (See Appendix B: Statement of Concern.)

The library staff will then review the concerns, and professional reviews will be consulted.

At the time a decision has been made a written reply on the decision will be sent to the person/group initiating the challenge.  This will be done within six weeks after receipt of the written challenge.

If the user does not agree with the decision of the library staff he/she may submit another request in writing to the director to have the matter reviewed by the library board at the next scheduled meeting.  A written reply of the board’s decision will be issued two weeks after the meeting.